Alice Mary Itchon

CNE1 Japanese Language Center センター長 インフィニティ国際学院 副学院長

Hello everyone! My name is Alice Mary Itchon.

My interest in the Japanese language started when I was in college. Back then, popular Japanese anime were Voltes 5, Daimos, Astroboy among others. I was also fascinated with the Japanese arts and culture so I joined a club –Philippine Japan Friendship Club (Tomo Kai) during my college years. SInce then, I have been studying the language either here in the Philippines or in Japan.

One thing that I have realized is that it is very important to have a solid foundation of the Japanese grammar in the basic level. This will help you learn the advanced grammar when you go further in your studies.

At first , beginners may find it difficult to learn the Japanese language, because of the characters like hiragana, katakana and kanji (Chinese characters). As we are used to the Roman alphabet, the Japanese characters might be too overwhelming, but do not worry, we will guide you through the learning process.

As you accumulate the necessary knowledge of the language, you should practice what you know and interact with native speakers. However, one must not only be linguistically skilled, but culturally knowledgeable and sensitive as well to have a successful interaction with the native speaker. It is an absolute necessity to study the language in the context of the culture, in order to identify subtleties that might otherwise go undetected.

In this program, you will not only learn the language but we will also tackle some cultural aspects and analyze the differences between the Filipino culture and the Japanese culture.

One cannot separate learning the language and culture, after all.




1999年に帰国後は、日本語センター財団、キャノン、NEC Mobiling、マニュライフ生命保険会社等、デ・ラサール大学やマニラ大学等で日本語を教える傍ら、国際交流基金マニラ日本文化センター(Japan Foundation, Manila)の教材作成チームの一員として、フィリピン教育省が進める公立高校における新しい外国語教育プログラム「Special Program in Foreign Language」の支援に携わり、中高生のための日本語カリキュラム、教材開発のほか、フィリピンの公立高校教師を対象とした日本語教師養成研修の講師を務める。

2013年から2019年には、スタンダード&プアーズに所属し、データ・リサーチャーとして日本企業のファイナンシャルデータ・リサーチを担当。2019年4月よりCNE1 Japanese language centerで、センター長、並びにインフィニティ国際学院 副学院長に就任。


日本語能力試験 JLPT 1級( 2006年・2010年)合格。2019年4月フィリピンTESDA TM (Teaching Methodology Certification)取得。