I once heard that good teachers just make their students remember what they already know. This thought holds true to what I have experienced here in CNE1. As one of CNE1’s teachers, I have spent a great deal of time practicing this idea. Most people think that if a person can’t speak a certain language, he or she doesn’t know anything about the said language. I found this totally wrong. In learning a foreign language, a lot of factors come into play. With endless methods and styles of learning, a student just spends more time in figuring out what the best way is rather than just focusing on one simple truth. Consistency.

CNE1 holds the key to this consistency. We have structured an inviting learning environment where everybody gets the chance to acquire English skills in a very fun, interactive and exciting way. CNE1 teachers value each student’s knowledge about the English language no matter how insignificant it may seem to be. Nothing is considered impossible in this place and I’m honored to be part of this growing institution. CNE1 welcomes all learners who want to improve and excel in speaking the English language.

CNE1 believes that YOU have what it takes to top yourself and be the best English speaker that you can ever imagine! Join the growing CNE1 family and let’s challenge future together!