Hello friends. My name is JC. I am approachable and sociable. I am a member of the Russian Spies who facilitate your proactive engagement to the school. We also formulate and rustle up enjoyable activities which will help YOU love and be delighted in your stay here.

CNE1 is a friendly milieu with clean and convenient environment. This is the best place to study and understand the English language, for we give YOU the finest method to acquire your satisfaction. We will bring out the best in YOU!

Provided with skillful, competent, intelligent, creative and amiable faculty, CNE1 aims to provide world class service to meet your needs and helps you realize your potentials to become effective and efficient English speakers. We are committed to please YOU through united professional support, integration of suitable educational materials into learning and instruction and everyday monitoring of your achievements.

We also have pleasant and good-natured staff that serve and provide your needs for contentment. We guarantee YOU that your stay will be an experience to remember.

Come ‘N Enjoy. Hand in hand, you will be able to achieve your aspirations and create a better world. Together, we turn your dreams into REALITY. Together, we ROCK!