Good day everyone! This is your friendly Teacher Jason.

Everybody has gone to school before. In my experience, the reason why people excel in different things lies in their interests. If a class is boring, it will be almost impossible to pay attention and learn. People learn about things more effectively when they are interested in the class, the topic, and the teacher.

Here in CNE1, we make it a point to make you feel that learning is not just about books, tests and homework. We give you a learning environment and a variety of amazing teachers that will make learning English easy, fun and exciting. We also give every student the opportunity to express themselves and connect with each other through our various clubs and school activities.

Outside our classrooms, we also have a beautiful environment where you can just relax and take it easy.

CNE1 is open to anyone who wants to study English and boost their confidence and fluency to get ready for the world out there. We believe in you. Together, we will work hard and take a big step towards your goals.