Hi! My name is Jane Salinas. I’ve been teaching in CNE1 for one year and 7 months. My passion is music and changing people’s lives.

Life in CNE1 is extremely fun for me. I love talking and listening to different kinds of people. Everyone is friendly and hospitable. I’ve never thought of teaching English before but because of the help of my cousins I was able to enter in this small community. I thought I wouldn’t love it but as time goes by I started to love the place, the teachers and the students here. In CNE1 we don’t only teach English but also we change our students’ life perspectives in a positive way. Students will love this place because they’ll not only learn English but they’ll also learn how to build their confidence through speaking with teachers and with other people. Actually we have some clubs in our school. We have The Music Club; I’m one of the members of this club. I’m the official drummer of the Music Club, so if you love music come and join us. Second, the Dance Club, Third the Novelistas, Fourth the EOP (English Only Policy) Club, Fifth the Photography Club, Sixth the Activity Club, Seventh the Alcohol Club, Eight The Charity Club. The purpose of these clubs is to help the students boost their confidence and to use English through communication. In CNE1 we make sure that our students will feel comfortable and feel free.

In our school our main focus is more on speaking and listening. We let our students talk more and let them express their own ideas about certain topics such as cultures, and society.

Finally, I would like to invite you guys in all ages to join us here in CNE1. Come and experience the fun of studying English in the Philippines.