Communication is a way of people to understand each other since the existence of the human race. Humans used to communicate through sounds, smoke signals, writings on the wall and body language among a whole lot other. Luckily, communication has somehow evolved to our convenience and is continuously evolving for the better.
English – a language that has undergone this evolution and is now a major tool for communication worldwide. More and more people are learning to speak this language to use in different aspects of human life. May it be at home or at work or with friends or new business associates. It has also further improved the ties between nations. It has morphed into something more than a language and that makes it interesting. English has become a way of life.
My name is Jan and I am a life – long learner of the English language. As a person who teaches how this amazing communication tool works, it is essential that I also don’t stop learning more about it. English has opened a lot of opportunities for me. Being part of CNE1 is just one of them. Who knows what other great things it could bring? So I’m inviting you to learn with us and open more doors to improvement and endless possibilities through English and CNE1. I hope to see you soon!