Greetings to all of you! I am Ge, a CNE1 teacher. Let me share some thoughts with you today.

I go with the belief that “The best way to learn a new language is to speak it”. For this reason, CNE1 is offering a lot of opportunities to have the real – world type of practice not just through lessons in the classroom but also by encouraging students to belong or participate in different clubs and activities to further facilitate learning the English language.

Various clubs such as the movie club, music club, dance club, and charity club
give chance to students to use English to communicate with other students,
teachers and people in the local areas around school. Thus, students do not only practice speaking
English inside the classroom but apply what they learn in the real setting.
Moreover, students find their free time useful by joining free classes and
presentations that aid them to learn even more vocabulary and useful expressions.

To top all of those, students do not only learn English the efficient way but definitely in a
good fun way.

Come join us and experience the CNE1 way.