‘To be or not to be?’

This is a very challenging and crucial question that could make or unmake an individual’s life. It is a matter of choice. And it is the right choice that matters. If you choose to be a GLOBALLY ARTICULATE person, CNE1 International Language School is the first step that you should take and the right choice that you should make.

CNE1 caters to every person who wants to discover and develop to himself the benefits of learning the International Language. With the capable and amiable teachers and staffs who are always ready to help, learning English could be done side by side with fun and productive activities. Everyone is ever willing to listen for you to talk about your inhibitions in learning the language. Every teacher is equipped with the commendable attitude to exert his/her mightiest effort to hone and escalate your command of the International Language.

CNE1 is where smart and optimistic people belong. We innovate learning activities. We motivate people. And we elevate the quality of dreams- YOUR DREAMS. So, no more second thoughts! Come and experience the culture of CNE1 EXCELLENCE. In CNE1, excellence in learning the English Language is made a HABIT. Now, do you want to share our habit? Join and share the CNE1 CULTURE! Let us all together decide for the RIGHT CHOICE.