Hello everyone my name is Mirah! In what way do you love English? Let me answer that question. I’ve started loving English since I was in high school. And for you to know, I’m one of the students who joined different English competitions. I also helped me practice my pronunciation & fluency. This made me love the English language even more. I also get amazed every time I watch movies and even though it’s a bit daft to me, I often imitate characters’ voices and accents. I make it more fun whenever I do it in front of the mirror. I don’t know why but I just love hearing my voice in English.

It made me persevere more to learn English because of my foreigner cousins. English makes our family tighter. It allows us to understand each other even though we have different nationalities.

“English is power”, they said. It is important especially for those people who travel abroad. I really love English!! It gives us the opportunity to be understood by almost all of the people around the world. And CNE1 is one of the best places to go to when learning English.

WHY? It’s because we do not just let students learn English as it is. We also let them feel the fun while learning. We also have the best teachers who will make students feel comfortable while studying. And that’s what makes CNE1 one of the best places in learning and enhancing English!!☺︎