Hi! This is your Captain Jackie Sparrow!
The captain of the BLACK PEARL: the PIRATES.

We call ourselves FOLKS but we call our students GOLD!

They learn from us the hard way because they are the TREASURES we keep & protect. If you think you’re a TREASURE yourself then come & join the fun & exciting VOYAGE of this gigantic school we made. Let us all face the big waves of CONFUSING GRAMMAR,
The unpredictable weather of ENGLISH, And finally; let’s all conquer the wrath of GLOBALIZATION.

We will take care of your NEEDS & WANTS with the help of our LOVABLE & KIND PROTECTORS who will lead you to your GOAL of ENTERING THE WORLD OF ENGLISH:

The Green Lanterns that will lighten up your world.
The Russian Spies that will search out your weaknesses.
The Guns & Roses that will help you sing out your thoughts.
The Purple Meringue that will sweeten up your mornings.
The Isle Survivors that will teach you survival techniques.
And finally the PIRATES that will scare people hindering you from your goal.

We will all be together in this with the loving care of our EMPERORS.

Welcome to CNE1