Hi every one! My name is Cris.
Let me give you a true piece of information about being a teacher here in CNE1, and on how learning English is fun.

I highly believe that CNE1 teachers have the utmost knowledge on how to bring out the best in their students, on how to help their students boost their confidence and discover their innate potential in using the English language. Despite the fact that being a teacher is not that easy, CNE1 teachers are passionate, patient, dedicated, well-determined and flexible when it comes to teaching. Here in CNE1, learning English is balanced. You learn English seriously while having fun because CNE1 doesn’t only provide quality teaching, non-threatening learning atmosphere, friendly teachers and staff but also it is really possible that you can hit the books and become an amazing English speaker while having fun.

If you are searching for a perfect place to learn English, come and join us. Experience great involvement like no other. You belong to CNE1 because learning English is fun at your second home – the CNE1.