Hi! I’m Bomi and I am a teacher in CNE1. Books can make  you smile, cry, laugh, think, learn and sad but one thing is for sure we can learn something from them. Have you heard the news that learning can be exciting?

We all know that learning is a two way process and you can have it while you are enjoying. CNE1 will make you feel comfortable and you will enjoy while you are studying. It’s a place where you can feel at home. Here are some questions you may ask and I’ll answer them:

1.What makes CNE1 a happy place for learning? 

Students can join different clubs and those clubs can help them improve their speaking skills and it will help them boost their confidence.

2. How will I enjoy my CNE1 life while studying?

ー There are many interesting books that can help you enjoy the topic because you can use them in your daily conversation and those books will help you to achieve your goal.

So if you’re looking for a perfect place for fun & learning, I’ll see you here, in CNE1!